Wild Quail Hunting

Wild Quail Hunting


The chase is on! Nothing is more fun than seeing dogs on point walk up, and seeing a huge covey of wild bob whites rise up into the sunrise. Unless of course, as soon as you shoot, a covey of blue (scaled) quail takes off running out of the corner of your eye. Let the hunting begin! 

At Double Barrel Outfitters, our quail hunts offer the rare opportunity to chase true wild birds. We have managed our quail population through the dry years, and finally have a plentiful, healthy number of quail. On an average day, you can expect to find between 15-20 coveys of birds. 

Quail Hunt Packages 

We have turnkey packages available with guides, dogs, lodging, and meals provided. We also have daily rates that allow you to bring your own dogs and go about hunting alone. Call us to learn more!
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