Aoudad Hunting

Aoudad Hunting


Looking for a challenge this hunting season? We’ve got one for you! A free ranging aoudad hunt with Double Barrel Outfitters is just what you need. Did you know these are some of the toughest animals to hunt? They might be a challenge to hunt, but they offer quite the rewarding trophy. 

All hunts with Double Barrel Outfitters are done spot and stalk style. An average aoudad hunt includes 15-20 miles of hiking through some of the roughest country Texas has to offer. These hunts will take place either in far West Texas in the Davis Mountains, the Texas Panhandle, on the Caprock, or in the Val Verde County along the Devils River. 


An average trophy aoudad will measure between 28” – 32”. Call Double Barrel Outfitters today to book your aoudad hunt. We’re eager to get started! 
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